Subjective Realities

January 29, 2022


Do you notice how nothing is really
wrong anymore? I did and it had
been going on for some time now.
The lines between right and wrong
have blurred as we have many
people defending wrong actions
as we have defending right actions in
today’s relative truth ideology!

We have gotten to the tipping point
where nothing makes sense anymore.
Everybody has their version of the truth
and they will hold on to it even
if you present them with irrefutable
evidence that they are wrong.

A guy is dating many ladies at once,
sleeping with all of them. He boasts
about it on social media and the
comments are “True King”, “Warrior”,
“Superstar”, “Ninja”…

There may be some other comments
and they may condemn his actions but
the more some try to say “this is wrong”
the more others say “this is right”
The moral compass of society has been destroyed.

An apostle shared a testimony about how
He got a million dollars gift from an army
The comments ranged from “praise the Lord”
to “you are aiding and abetting a thief!”.
A lady seeking charms to entrap men has a
page on Twitter and many followers too!
The son of a late dictator took to social
media to defend his father’s action against
a Nobel laureate!
A lady reveals that her four children
which her husband has been nurturing
and grooming for years belong to other
men other than her husband.
Husband commits suicide.
The comment ranged from praises to curses.
Someone wrote every child is a gift from God,
another wrote “what else do you expect her to do”
while still another wrote, “Karma will visit
your children”.
That’s the world we are in now, the age of spin!

Covid was a god many worshiped for
two years. Some became ardent believers and
persecuted those who refused to believe.
Terms like “anti-vaxxer” and “anti-masker”
rend the airwaves.
Now that the god is being dethroned, its
adherents are worried and fidgety.
They had supported a cause sponsored by
fear and anxiety. Like the Berlin Wall,
its fall left them bereft.
They didn’t know if they were right or wrong,
the media told them to run and they did.
They were mere puppets to the whims and
caprices of others.
This is the world we live in now.
Nothing is wrong and nothing is right.
Everything is acceptable and permissible.
How did we get here?

A clever plot by a few with money to
dismantle authority figures and authority
itself so that society can make room for
the LGBTQ!
It was cleverly planned and executed from
the covens of knowledge in America!
The only way the world would change its
stereotypes is to turn reality upside
down and make the truth irrelevant.

Everybody now has a personal truth.
Have you not heard the phrase
“I am living my truth” or
“This is my truth” before now?
If you have not, you have been out of touch!

They started with all authority figures.
They set the feminists against men and
they set the atheists against religious
They harassed and attacked relentlessly until
foundations were set out of course and reality
was redefined.
What the LGBTQ community achieved in the years
of Obama till now was swift and highly rewarding.

Influencers were invited into Embassies and
reprogrammed with a lot of promises.
The funny thing is, none of them was
told the whole truth! They were given
just enough information to convince them
absolute truth is a problem and relative
truth is the new normal.
Then they raised the pseudoscience buffs
to propose, propound and theorize all
sorts about divinity.

I saw someone leading prayers at a meeting
in the USA, he included the name of all
the gods from Odin to the queen of the
coast and the blood of Ishtar!
These are the real mind gamers!

Another appeared before the American congress
and testified that we have six genders now,
claiming the male and female thing was
a lie all along. He had uncovered the
real truth!
It was all a joke.

We saw an election upturned fraudulently
in the most dramatic manner.
The truth wanted to sit on the throne but it
was maliciously placed on the scaffold to rot!
The “No body shaming” campaign led to
silhouette challenges and slutty pictures
being posted freely.
Did I hear someone complaining, yes I did
and I also read a reply, very succinct.
It said, “If you are not comfortable with it,
delete this app or look away”.
That is where we are now.
Free speech was taken over by the devil
and like all men, it has a right to speak
freely for as long as it desires.
The same law that men made to keep society
sane became a snare to them.

Do you notice that in countries where same-sex
unions were once illegal and seriously
frowned upon, the law has been restrained?
Everybody is looking the other way now,
and we have accepted the reality with
absolute surrender.

Being a side chick is now a glorious thing.
A lady called herself someone’s side chick
on this street and I know the man and his
wife personally.
I wrote to her and she said: “This is my truth”.
See, you can open your mouth like a cockerel
all you want, the truth is no longer untouchable.
We are redefining everything in this generation.
Perhaps we should be happy!
Freedom is here!

A fraudster can rule over the hardworking
because money is king.
A drug Lord can become an elected politician
with immunity because he has his version of
the truth.
Sob stories have to be verified before they
turn out to be scams.
The fine lines of reasoning and logic have
been eroded by lies and the power of spin.
This is where we are now…

Absolute chaos. Gross darkness.

It is exactly what the devil desired,
and had his minions executing daily.

We saw through it by the spirit.
Believers saw the plan and antics
of the devil. We knew where
we are on the calendar of divinity.
We have an understanding of the times.
We stood our ground and prayed, we waited
for the sun of righteousness.

Nothing else could move or convince us.
Our redeemer is alive in us!
We were not shaken!
We will hold forth until Jesus comes,
we have seen his signal and
our heart is encouraged.

We will reach into the darkness
and bring in souls heading for perdition
into the light of salvation.

We know the Truth, His name is
Jesus and we have been lighted
by His word!

If you’re observing the times as I have,
you will see that the end is very near.
Nothing has been spared by the waves of
darkness in its onslaught on the light.

Our kingdom is not of this world
and it is wise to prepare earnestly
for the return of the king!

This is an open invitation to come
into the light and shine like the sun.
Remember that this world with all its
redefinition of terms and its desperate
hold on reality is fast fading.

There is only one true light, the
one that is alive in every believer,
Jesus the Power and the wisdom of God.

This is the reality I am inviting you to.
In it, you will be established, furnished,
and equipped with all spiritual blessings in
heavenly places and you will walk in eternal
wonders by the power of the Holy Spirit.

There is no better offer.
Come to Jesus today!

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