Saying No To Naysayers

January 10, 2022


I was invited to minister in Ghana in 2019
by Christ Hospital Ministry, we had a
Night of Glory vigil in my parish the night
before I traveled and I announced to
those who came for that particular
Night of Glory that I will be going to
I couldn’t go with the ministry that
invited me because they traveled by
road and left two days earlier
As soon as the vigil was over I was driven
to the airport by one of my Christian
I got to Ghana and met a lot of my
brothers and sisters from Twitter,
I even had a fellowship with a glorious
family that has now become like mine.
I left Ghana on a Sunday and reported
back to my office
(I was a PA to a pastor at this time)
When I got to church the following Sunday,
a brother was leading the Fresh Fire
service, as I was about to get into the
service the brother said
“Those who went to Ghana to collect
power, father bind them!”
I won’t pretend the words of this man
didn’t hit me in a bad place.
He never really fancied me and he was
one of those hardliners who believed
he knows the word of God but does
not have any fruit or result to show for it.
His words stung me!
(I have a very thick skin now) and I
almost turned back at the entrance
One of my brothers in church saw my
reluctance and said “They have been
talking about you (referring to this brother
and some of the senior ministers)
I was in their house over the weekend.
Why did you post the picture of you
praying for the sick and those in
that native bone setting hospital on
social media?”
They saw it on Facebook and said a
believer couldn’t have gone to a traditional
hospital to pray for the sick knowing
those people sometimes use unorthodox
means to heal the sick!”
I didn’t even know what to say at that point
I didn’t go to the hospital alone, the
ministry that invited me wanted the sick
people in that hospital to experience the
power of the Holy
The hospital was based in a village where
the impact of the supernatural power of
God would be felt to draw people
to the Faith
Many ministers flew in from the UK
for the event
The ministry has been caring for the sick
and the infirm in cash and kind for over
25 years and they are located all over
the world.
The only reason they invited me was because
they felt rather than just donate wheelchairs,
food, drugs, and money alone, it would be
wise to pray for the sick and see if miracles
can happen and miracles did happen!
This was my crime.
I told the brother after much plea that
I didn’t go to Ghana to collect power, rather,
I took power to Ghana because the one
that is at work in me to will and to do of
His good pleasure is the Holy Spirit.
As usual, this man didn’t come to meet me
directly, he kept saying all sorts about me
but he did this behind my back.
I learned after some time to ignore him
and mind my own business in that church
About two years later, after we launched
Pneuma Radio
This brother reached out to me saying
he would like to come on the radio to
talk about his political ambition
(He wanted to run for political office)
I replied to him by explaining that the
station is dedicated to Christian content
and we do not allow political content
He took offense and again started saying
“Christians are the worst people because
they don’t help their fellow Christians
fulfill their dreams especially in politics.
He said adherents of other religions
would support, back, invest and give
room for their brethren to thrive etc”
He said this behind me and the person
he told called me asking me what
I did to this man.
I had to explain
The same man is back in my mail,
asking if he could use some of our
media equipment for his current
political campaign.
I will have to tell him no!
Of course, there will be more
talk but my conscience is very clear.
I bear no grudge against him, our paths
simply do not align.

Ps: We are bringing the power of Jesus to
Dubai in a few weeks (24th – 28th January)
Please make it a date with us if you’re in
that location.
God bless you

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