The Psalm of Aria

August 2, 2021


To My Lover and My Best Friend❤️

“Lover of my heart
Saviour of my soul
Breaker of my chains
The glory and the lifter up of my head…”
A song you gave to the one you saved… knowing you causes my heart to burst with so much joy, birthing new songs.

All of these you are to me, and even more.
Thank you Lord.

There I was, wallowing in self-pity and depression.
Didn’t know what I wanted out of life.
Everyone trying so hard to figure me out.
Who’s this girl really?

What does she want?
What will she have us do?
We really want to make her happy and feel loved, but how?

I just knew I wanted more…
Beyond being the naive church girl everyone loved to hear sing.
I knew there was more.

I could go on and on about how I was before you came my way.
But let’s dwell more on now!.

Then here I am…
Oh Abba!
You were always there, waiting patiently for me to come into the light.
You covered me in the midst of it all.

You forgave me
Healed me

Took away all my sin and brokenness

Now because of you, I can see better days ahead.
The way you love me so…it’s unexplainable!.

And then…you gave me an understanding of the wonderful gift you have blessed me with.
I can sing of your love unending…
I can sing of your compassion to me forever
It feels amazingly beautiful to be loved by you Abba

Thank you for being my peace
My joy
My completer
My love
My confidant
My guide

I will keep singing, I promise you… only of your glory, only of your love…to tell the world

how good and gracious you are.
I’ll let this voice of mine, be a light to attract many more into your loving and ever welcoming arms.

I Love you forever ?

Aria, The Lion

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