Filling The Sack

May 18, 2021


Brother Gbenga, it was a shameful
situation that brought me to you.
It was shame and the unfairness of life.
My mummy is from Equatorial Guinea
and my Daddy is from Calabar in Nigeria.
My Daddy is a pastor and he also
owns a printing press.
He was the one that talked about you
sometime in January 2021 that made
me check you out.
He said he knew you when you were
not a minister of the gospel
He said he was shocked at how quickly
things turned around for you in the
last few years
He spoke glowingly, especially after
we attended one of the online services
of your ministry
My Daddy was very impressed and
I was born with a rare condition.
It is called Cryptorchidism.
It basically means I was born without
The doctors said it didn’t descend and
tried to conduct a surgery on me to
bring it down but they didn’t find it.
This condition was hell because unlike
other people that had it, I would call
myself impotent because I never knew
what an erection felt like all my life
Not in all my 36 years in this world.
I had gone to several hospitals and
my condition did not improve.
I came to see you in April, at a church
in Surulere.
I was expecting a miracle but my
primary reason for coming to church
was to ask you to pray for me concerning
God’s plan for my life
I was so sure I wouldn’t get married
especially as my condition didn’t change
and i was confused about what to do
with the rest of my life
During the service, you were asked to
pray for April birthday celebrants.
You said you will ask God to give them a
special gift because April was your birth
I quickly joined them.
You prayed and asked us to return to
our seat dancing without music.
I obeyed sir, with joy
It was the first time i was seeing what
you looked like (I had only been joining
the general zoom meetings and they
were audio only)
I danced to my seat with joy
As soon as I sat down, in the church,
I felt myself getting hard for the
first time.
It was like rising and falling, over
and over until it suddenly rose and
was throbbing against my boxers.
I sat down there.
I didn’t move again because I didn’t
know what to do and if it was
I placed my Bible on it.
After the service, I didn’t bother
talking to you again, I ran home.
I couldn’t tell anybody but I locked
myself in the room and checked
The hardness was real but the testicles
were still not there.
I did some things out of excitement
which I cannot write here but I can
say I slept with joy because I
confirmed that I had been
completely healed.
I told my father what happened the
next morning, he listened to me
but didn’t really believe
We had been talking about marriage
for a while
I told him I wanted to get married
and he told me I cannot get married
until we solve this problem.
I have some sisters who I know are
interested in me but I couldn’t express
my interest because of my situation.
My father went with me to the hospital.
Unfortunately, the doctor checked
and said “there was no improvement”
because everything still looked
the same.
I told him about my experience the
previous Sunday and he gave me a
cup to put some sperm in for testing
but as much as I tried I couldn’t get
it up.
Maybe it was nerves or something.
I didn’t know this at that time.
I felt it was because I didn’t share
the testimony with you that God took
away the miracle.
I cried and cried and cried.
When we got home, my father said
I would have to return to Equitorial
Guinea for a while because the
pressure of the ladies I was seeing
in church was having a negative
effect on me.
I had been suicidal for some years
because of this issue.
My father sent me to Equitorial Guinea
to work and stay with my mother’s
relatives in 2015.
I came back in January 2020 for my
younger sister’s wedding and Covid-19
So I was stuck here and hadn’t gone
back since.
I was helping my dad run his press.
He would go out and look for businesses
while I will execute them.
It was a good arrangement because I
am the only one out of my siblings
interested in running the press.
I didn’t want to return to Equitorial Guinea,
I couldn’t tell anybody my problem
over there!
I acted normal and kept away from
ladies as much as possible especially
because I don’t speak Spanish which
is their language.
I don’t speak the local dialect too.
My mummy speaks it but I just
couldn’t pick it up. It helped me a
little as I was in a strange land and
could mind my business without
people asking me when I was
getting married all the time.
I remember praying that Monday night.
I told God to help me.
I tried calling your phone number but
the line didn’t go through.
I was in my room throughout Tuesday.
I listened to some of your teachings
and watched some of your programmes
on YouTube.
The testimonies helped.
The one on podcast.
I listened to them one after the other
until I slept off. When I woke up on
Wednesday by 5am to ease myself,
I discovered that I was erect again.
I didn’t know what to think but it was
I could feel it and I held it in my hand.
I went back to bed after peeing and
it was still there.
Then I felt a warmth under it and sir,
I felt a bag with the testicles in it right
where I had always seen it to be in
pictures and in the diagrams from
the doctor’s office.
It was an undeniable miracle, the type
that didn’t need me going to the
hospital for checks.
I was so happy, I was screaming for joy.
My mother came to knock on my door
to find out if I was okay.
I opened the door and just hugged her.
It had been 36 years of hell for me
and the entire family.
I told my mother and she ran to call
my father.
She was too shy to see it for herself
even though I would have displayed
it on the roadside if I had to.
I had taken pictures and attached
them to this testimony sir.
My father came to my room, saw it
and began to cry.
He had been a pastor for 20 years
but he had never seen such a
miracle before.
Glory be to God!
Brother Gbenga, I want to say a
big thank you sir.
The atmosphere around you is full
of wonders, I noticed that you didn’t
have bodyguards and people are
able to interact with you freely.
The gospel you preach was that we
should al be like Christ and not
depend on others for the glory that
Christ has already deposited in us
to work.
I now pray in the Holy Ghost and I
speak to situations just as you
taught us.
My life has been transformed because
I met you.
God bless you sir.
This is my testimony.
My Daddy said he has written to you
too and my mummy also want to
see you.
We are grateful to the Holy Spirit sir.
Thank you sir

PS: I had sat over this testimony
for weeks
I wanted to meet the testifier and be
sure his words were not mere claims
I met him last week Saturday while
I was in Lagos
He was already engaged!
I mean….
The machine worked and he promptly
went to ask a sister to marry him
The brother did not waste any time
The wedding will be taking place in
October and I have been invited to
share the word at the wedding
Glory be to God
I have seen so many miracles in my
I had never heard of this disease before
now and i had to read up on it a bit
to understand what it was
Glory be to God for His power that is
at work in us and in His church forever
and ever

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