Supernatural Convention Reports

Supernatural Convention Reports
October 4, 2021


Good morning sir, I want to announce what God did
for me and my family sir
So before the Supernatural convention, we were in
a huge debt
It was so bad that we had to sell everything in our
warehouse in order to pay off some of the most
embarrassing of the debts
My husband is into the importation of medical supplies
This was the business his father did too
Last year January, my husband ordered a container
of supplies from Europe
Somehow the container got missing
We couldn’t tell whether it was placed on the wrong
ship or looted or whatever
The value of the goods was 120 million Naira
We wrote letters, made calls and did so many things
My husband also traveled to many places both within
and outside Nigeria trying to trace the goods
We didn’t recover them and that was it
We were done for
We came to see you in the office after the conference
on Friday
You told my husband the sun of shame was going
down for him that day and the sun of restoration will
rise for him on October 2
We said AMEN and left
On Saturday, October 2nd, my husband’s father
sent for him, so my husband went to see him
Yesterday, when my husband returned home he was
in tears
He said His father gave him a cheque to write off our
debt and then gave him two other containers to start
all over again
The most baffling thing of all was when i woke up this
morning and we got a message from the Insurance
company in Belgium that they had concluded their
investigations and discovered that we had no hand
in the loss of our container and therefore they have
made out the insurance payment to us
All my husband has to do now is travel to Belgium and
sign some paper for us to get back the investment
Glory be to God

– Sister LLoyd (Lagos)


Brother Gbenga, something happened
My husband’s boss called at 5 Am this morning
and asked him how much he had saved
It was an odd question and see this guy is
my husband’s greatest antagonist at
My husband told him we have about 4 million
Naira saved
This wasn’t so true because we have about 7 million
we have saved towards buying a land somewhere in
Lagos but the money is not up to the asking price
Then my husband’s boss said “I was given a house
in Lekki Phase 1 last week by my siblings for my
50th Birthday and I have been led to give the house
to you
I wanted to know if you have the capacity to maintain
the house, that was why i asked for how much you
have in savings
The amount is not too impressive but it is fair considering
that your wife will have some money saved too…
At this point, my husband told him i have 3 million
Naira saved too
Well, Brother Gbenga, we are driving to my boss’s house
now to collect the keys
He said he will like to take us there himself before
he heads to the airport by 9 am
Olorun Agbaye!
At the Supernatural conference, keys were shared
I never knew I was getting a house in Lekki
Oh God!

The Akinades

During the prophecy hour during the convention I was in severe pain due to complications in my pregnancy
I was six months gone and i was supposed to be pregnant with twins,
I couldn’t explain why i started seeing blood and the babies stopped
moving totally
This was last week tuesday
I was admitted to the hospital that very day
After some consultations, i was told the babies had died
Fetal movement had ceased and all
The doctors said evacuation must be carried out as soon as possible
I was in great pain
This was my ninth year of waiting and my mestruation which had ceased were restored when Brother
Gbenga laid hands on me at his ministration in The Lord’s chapel
Gbagada in February this year and I got pregnant in March/April
I had followed the doctor’s orders strictly and outside of my husband and two other friends, I kept the pregnancy a secret for my own personal reason
On Wednesday last week, i tried calling Brother Gbenga but he
was only able to send me a message asking me to send him a
message in Whatsapp
I didn’t want to do that because i felt one of his PA’s will be the ones to answer it
The evacuation was scheduled for Saturday
I had started mourning the demise of my babies and asking God why
During the convention on Friday, the first thing i notice was the joy
I was suddenly not sad anymore and i couldn’t explain that
The next thing was the announcement during the open altar that
my babies are back to life
I felt them kicking immediately
I didnt make any noise, i just laid hands on them and continued with the service
When the doctor came for his ward round by 7pm, i told her that
my babies are kicking again
She checked my chart and put her stethoscope on my tummy
Her eyes almost popped out in shock!
She just sat down and began to cry
I had to be telling the doctor sorry
She said she had been asking God why he would allow me lose my
pregnancy after so many years and it had almost made her lose her
Glory be to God
The Holy Spirit restored her faith and joy with my testimony
I am back home now
My babies are healthy and i will deliver them safely in a few weeks

– Mrs Ivie

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