January 16, 2024




“Welcome home, Dad! How was work today?”

“Hey, Junior! Work was ok, thanks!”

“What did The Master do today? Any new miracles?”

“You won’t believe it: he turned ordinary water into wine at the Wedding we went to in Cana!”

“Woah! That is amazing!”

“Yeah, it was. How was school, son?”

“School was ok, dad. The Principal asked us to pay some money for the Speech Day coming up next month. I also need to buy a few textbooks…”


Judas sighed.


Just then, his wife came in.

“Hey, Darling! How are you doing?”

“I’m fine. Did you get the groceries?”

“Ah! I totally forgot…”

“How could you? I told you some of the things on the list are the ingredients I need to make dinner!”

“I just forgot, Babe…”


Judas sighed again.


Truth be told, he had no money. But he couldn’t tell his wife and son, so he stalled, wishing and hoping their demands would just go away…

Suddenly he had an idea: The Bag!

He always kept The Bag for the Ministry.

“I can borrow some money from it and pay it back later”, he reasoned.

He dipped his hand into The Bag…



“Hey, Dad! How was work today?”

“Today was something else, son! The Master walked on water!”

“How in the world did He do that?”

“No idea, son! We were on the ship, going to Gennesaret without Him. We ran into a storm and The Master walked on the sea to come meet us. He rebuked the storm and it stopped!”

“Dad, that is heavy! The Master does have some strange powers!”

“Yeah, He does. Listen son: get me a cup of cold water, will you?”

“The water is not that cold, Dad. There’s been a power cut: we ran out of units!”


Judas sighed.

He dipped his hand in The Bag…



“Son, The Master did something mind-blowing today! He raised Lazarus from the dead!”

“Wait: Uncle Lazarus that died 4 days ago?”

“Yeah. I have come to the point that I believe what The Master cannot do does not exist!”

“I don’t even know what to say, Dad. I’m just speechless…!”

“Yeah! When The Master asked for the stone over the tomb to be removed, Lazarus’ sister Martha told Him the body would be decomposing… hey, where’s your mum?”

“I think she went to talk to the landlord: the rent expired last month, dad…”

Ah! Indeed, the house rent is due!

He had been stalling on that too.

These family pressures don’t seem to get any easier…


Judas sighed.

He dipped his hand in The Bag…



They were in the Upper Room in Jerusalem.

The Master had ridden into town triumphantly a few days earlier.

He now sat at the table with the Twelve Disciples, observing the Passover.

Suddenly The Master said: ‘One of you will betray Me!”

The Disciples were shocked!

“Master, who???”

“The one who dips his hand in the dish with me will betray me.”


At that moment, Judas dipped his hand in The Dish…



Haruna Daniels.

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